About The Firm

Pafundi Law Firm

As the founder of Pafundi Law Firm, APC, Robert Pafundi believes that part of being a good lawyer, beyond having an in-depth knowledge of the law, is listening and understanding his clients, and being open, forthright and honest at every step in the process. He says, “I believe that talking openly and honestly through genuine conversations with my clients is at the heart of creating a solid and long-lasting relationship.” He believes this greatly improves the chances of having successful results and satisfied clients. And, most important, he creates an internal plan at the outset that is designed specifically to meet his client’s unique entertainment needs. He adds, “It’s what I would want. And my clients get nothing less from us.”

Robert is one of the only known Hollywood entertainment attorneys whose professional expertise includes having also been the owner of a legendary SAG-franchise talent agency.

As owner and operator of MGA Talent, formerly The Mary Grady Agency, which was historically known as Hollywood’s “original children’s agency” and celebrated for, among other things, discovering and launching the careers of Mary-Kate and Ashley — The Olsen Twins, Pafundi has personal hands on expertise from all sides of the industry. During those years and since, Robert has represented more than 1000 children and young adult actors and actresses.

As an attorney, Robert has addressed many of the most important and recurring issues in the entertainment industry. For example, Robert has resolved disputes for countless actors, actresses, talent agents, talent managers, producers and production companies. He does this by either stepping in early to head off expensive and time-consuming litigation, or, when necessary, zealously litigating cases through strategies that are customized to fit each particular client’s needs. This approach has led to early and cost effective success through simple and straightforward demand letters, mediation, or arbitration, or when called for, through trial and the appellate process.


He currently represents iconic personalities such as Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk), the four Ochoa Boys, well-known actors, Rick, Ryan, Raymond, and Robert, who are also known, collectively, for their breakout music career, as The Ochoa Boyz. Robert also represents actor Mateus Ward, television personalities/fashion models Kendall and Kylie Jenner (whom he works with on select issues along with the rest of the Jenner Team) and Emmy award-winning actress Christel Khalil (Lily Ashby, The Young & The Restless).

OF COUNSEL: Lizelle Singian Brandt, Singian Law

Singian Law is a boutique general law practice firm, specializing in representing companies and individuals in business and personal matters. From contract negotiations, corporate structuring and intellectual property matters, to family and estate matters, as well as related disputes through trial, Singian Law provides as much attention, energy and passion in protecting your interests as you have in developing them.


Who We Are

  • We Represent

    Actors and Actresses, Talent Agents and Talent Managers, TV and Film Producers, Production Companies, Casting Directors, and other Industry Professionals

  • We are Litigation and Dispute Resolutions Experts

    Demand Letters, Lawsuits, Mediations, Arbitrations, California Labor Commission Hearings, Court Trials Before a Judge, and Jury Trials. We are qualified to practice in both State and Federal Courts.

  • We Negotiate Entertainment Contracts

    TV, Film, Reality TV, Commercials, and Commercial Campaigns.

  • We Serve as Production Counsel

    Offering a full array of services from the commencement to the close of production.

  • We Review Talent Contracts

    Agreements between Actors/Actresses and their prospective representatives (Talent Agent/Talent Managers) and/or Agreements between Actors/Actresses presented for TV and Film roles, and we prepare contracts for Talent Agents and Talent Managers.

  • We Prepare Petitions

    for Court Approval for Emancipation of a Minor.

Our Services

  • Corporate Formations

    Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), Corporations, including Loan out Companies, for Entertainment Industry Professionals.

  • We Intervene in Family Law and Divorce Proceedings on Behalf of Entertainment Children

    This issue typically arises when the use and disbursement of the Minors entertainment income and earnings is questioned by a parent, a guardian, or the Court.

  • We Protect Children in Entertainment and Young Hollywood

    We handle a broad array of legal issues and related matters on these issues. We also fully support the #NoKidsPolicy movement.

  • We Educate and Advise Industry Professionals

    Issues Related to Children in Entertainment and Young Hollywood.

  • We Provide Expert Witness Services

    Robert Pafundi can appear on behalf of any party on issues related to Children in Entertainment.

  • We Do Not Provide Music Industry Legal Services