Safe Stardom

Robert Pafundi, Author

Hollywood has provided countless children with unparalleled opportunities and experiences. However, the entertainment industry is also complicated, with its own rules, lingo, and ways of doing things.

Safe Stardom was written for parents and children from all walks of life and all ages and ethnicities. It is for those who have just started to dream of a career in acting to those with years of training and on-set experience, and for families and children everywhere in between.

This is a book of firsts—the first book that is specifically designed to help parents of entertainment children from both a legal and practical perspective. And, it’s the first book written by a former SAG-franchised Talent Agency owner, Talent Manager, and—most importantly—an Entertainment Lawyer whose law practice has a niche focus on representing children and young Hollywood.

Safe Stardom is also the first book written with the goal of giving parents the information they need to keep their children and family safe and smart, while on their road to fame, and beyond.

This is a first-of-its-kind book written specifically for the parents of children and young adults working in the entertainment industry, as well as those who aspire to become young film and television stars. Hollywood entertainment lawyer Robert Pafundi shows parents and others who care about their entertainment children how to navigate Hollywood, with practical steps that will protect and advance the careers of performers who are 18 or younger.

Safe Stardom gets to the heart of the career-defining decisions parents have to make on behalf of their entertainment children. This groundbreaking book will ensure that parents never again sign an entertainment-industry contract without knowing what it means or knowing what questions to ask. In this groundbreaking book, readers will learn:

  • How Talent Agents, Talent Managers and Entertainment Attorneys shape the careers of Hollywood kids
  • The unspoken rules in Hollywood
  • Exercising control as a parent
  • How to avoid scams and scam artists
  • Understanding compensation and how to follow the money
  • How to protect children from paparazzi and sexual predators
  • Their rights and understanding entertainment contracts

This is not just another book about how to select the perfect headshot for your child, or how to shine at an audition. It’s the perfect resource for navigating through the maze called Hollywood, and, more importantly, protecting your children on their way to stardom.

Andres Penso

Safe Stardom Reviews

Lou Ferrigno
Carla Ferrigno

Lou is an actor, father, champion bodybuilder, and author
Carla is an actress, mother, and personal trainer

It’s about time this book was written. Finally, someone had the courage to empower parents to protect their entertainment children when entering contracts with talent managers, talent agents and entertainment lawyers. Rob is the ideal ambassador to courageously stand up and finally get this message out for all to see and hear. This book will be huge in protecting children in the entertainment business

Deanna and Robert Ochoa, Parents of The Ochoa Boyz

featuring Ryan (“Lanny” on Disney’s Pair of Kings), Robert (Mars Needs Moms), and Raymond (Charlie: A Toy Story, Recurring Guest Star on Disney Channel’s I Didn’t Do It, and principal actor in 23 national commercials, including two national campaigns

OMG, I love this book!! There is so much on every page that all parents need to know. Our three boys have worked successfully in film, TV and commercials for almost 10 years and Robert’s book has taught us things we never knew about. This book deserves to be a bestseller

Carrie and Michael Hill, Parents of Lilly M. Hill

This book is an invaluable resource for parents. I only wish it had been available when our daughter first began her acting career. We would have made fewer mistakes! I wholeheartedly recommend it.