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Entertainment Lawyers

The Pafundi Law Firm offers an array of professional services as a California Entertainment Law Firm, including:

  • We Represent:
    Actors and Actresses, Talent Agents and Talent Managers, TV and Film Producers, Production Companies, Casting Directors, and other Industry Professionals.
  • We Are Litigation and Dispute Resolution Experts:
    Demand Letters, Lawsuits, Mediations, Arbitrations, California Labor Commission Hearings, Court Trials Before a Judge, and Jury Trials. We are qualified to practice in both State and Federal Courts.
  • We Negotiate Entertainment Contracts:
    TV, Film, Reality TV, Commercials and Commercial Campaigns.
  • We Serve as Production Counsel:
    Offering a full array of services from the commencement to the close of production.
  • We Review Talent Contracts:
    Agreements between Actors/Actresses and their prospective representatives (Talent Agent/Talent Managers) and/or Agreements between Actors/Actresses presented for TV and Film roles, and we prepare contracts for Talent Agents and Talent Managers.
  • We Prepare Petitions for Court Approval of Contracts with Minors:
    This includes Contracts between minors and Producers, Production Companies, Studios, and/or Talent Agents.
  • We Prepare Petitions and Seek Court Approval for Emancipation of a Minor.
  • Corporate Formations:
    Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), Corporations, including Loanout Companies, for Entertainment Industry Professionals.
  • We Intervene in Family Law and Divorce Proceedings on Behalf of Entertainment Children:
    This issue typically arises when the use and disbursement of the Minors entertainment income and earnings is questioned by a parent, a guardian, or the Court.
  • We Protect Children in Entertainment and Young Hollywood:
    We handle a broad array of legal issues and related matters on these issues. We also fully support the #NoKidsPolicy movement.
  • We Educate and Advise Industry Professionals on Issues Related to Children in Entertainment and Young Hollywood:
  • We Provide Expert Witness Services:
    Robert Pafundi can appear on behalf of any party on issues related to Children in Entertainment.
  • We are the Founders of The Safe Stardom Movement:
    Safe Stardom crosses all Entertainment Industry boundaries and impacts all aspects of the Entertainment Business.