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We Are Entertainment Lawyers

The Pafundi Law Firm Offers an array of professional services as a California Entertainment Law Firm, including

  • We Represent

    Actors and Actresses, Talent Agents and Talent Managers, TV and Film Producers, Production Companies, Casting Directors, and other Industry Professionals

  • We are Litigation and Dispute Resolutions Experts

    Demand Letters, Lawsuits, Mediations, Arbitrations, California Labor Commission Hearings, Court Trials Before a Judge, and Jury Trials. We are qualified to practice in both State and Federal Courts.

  • We Negotiate Entertainment Contracts

    TV, Film, Reality TV, Commercials, and Commercial Campaigns.

  • We Serve as Production Counsel

    Offering a full array of services from the commencement to the close of production.

  • We Review Talent Contracts

    Agreements between Actors/Actresses and their prospective representatives (Talent Agent/Talent Managers) and/or Agreements between Actors/Actresses presented for TV and Film roles, and we prepare contracts for Talent Agents and Talent Managers.

  • We Prepare Petitions

    for Court Approval for Emancipation of a Minor.

  • Corporate Formations

    Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), Corporations, including Loanout Companies, for Entertainment Industry Professionals 

  • We Intervene in Family Law and Divorce Proceedings on Behalf of Entertainment Children

    This issue typically arises when use and disbursement of the Minors entertainment income and earnings is questioned by a parent, a guardian, or the Court

  • We Protect Children in Entertainment and Young Hollywood

    We handle a broad array of legal issues and related matters on these issues. We also fully support the #NoKidsPolicy movement.

  • We Educate and Advise Industry Professionals on Issues Related to Children in Entertainment and Young Hollywood

  • We Provide Expert Witness Services

    Robert Pafundi can appear on behalf of any party on issues related to Children in Entertainment. 

  • We are the Founders of The Safe Stardom Movement

    Safe Stardom crosses all Entertainment Industry boundaries and impacts all aspects of the Entertainment Business 

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Tribute to Mary Grady

MGA Robert (1)

Hollywood lost a Legend with the passing of Mary Grady. I lost a piece of my heart and soul. She was 96 years young. Mary was responsible for completely changing my life 20 years ago when it was time for her to "Pass the Torch" of her famous Hollywood Talent Agency, The Mary Grady Agency (MGA) and she blessed me (among her many choices) with the honor of buying it from her and taking it over after introductions by my friend, child star, Tammy Locke.

As a savvy, energetic and passionate businesswoman, Mary Grady was a true pioneer and well ahead of her time.

I recall like it was yesterday when Mary decided to leave agenting in 2000 to explore other industry goals and spend more time with her beautiful family, Don Grady (“My Three Sons”) and wife Ginny, Lani O’Grady (“Eight is Enough”), Marylou her oldest, and her fabulous grandchildren. Mary repeatedly told me at the time that her goal was to “pass the torch” of running MGA Talent to someone who would honor her name and the reputation that she tirelessly built over 40 years.

Mary told me wonderful stories of her years in Hollywood. Some put tears of laughter in my eyes, others left me in jaw-dropping amazement, but all etched Mary’s impact on Hollywood forever in my mind. I always love how, on Mary’s 80th Birthday, then-Hollywood Honorary Mayor Johnny Grant, who regularly unveiled new stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, said that if there were ever to be “Stars” for Talent Agents, he wanted Mary’s to be the very first. I think there should be, and that Mary’s should be No. 1.

- Robert


Robert Pafundi, Producer

Robert Pafundi acted as the Managing Producer and Lead Production Counsel for the Award-­‐Winning Inspirational Documentary Film, The 25,000 Mile Love Story.

Highlights Include:

Directed and written by Emmy Nominated producer John Davies who is currently Executive Producing the NBC mini-‐series Carson The Magnificent, about the life of legendary late-­‐night TV host, Johnny Carson.

The film was brilliantly narrated by 2014 Oscar Winner, John Ridley (Screenplay Adaptation, 12 Years a Slave).

The 25,000 Mile Love Story chronicles the amazing journey of Swiss endurance athlete Serge Roetheli, whose thirst for adventure and desire to raise money and awareness for children suffering across the globe propelled him to run the distance equal to the Earth’s circumference.

Serge would not dare attempt the World Tour alone, but instead was accompanied by his sole companion, his equally adventurous wife, Nicole, who drove a motorcycle at 7.4 mph alongside him with supplies and a pup tent as they planned and executed the journey of a lifetime.

Running the equivalent of a marathon every other day, the journey took five years, three months!

Winner, Best Humanitarian Documentary, The People’s Film Festival, New York.
Winner, Feature Audience Favorite, Downtown Film Festival, Los Angeles.
Winner, Best Feature Documentary, Rome International Film Festival, Rome, Georgia.
Winner, Best Feature Documentary, Moondance Film Festival.
Winner, Audience Choice Award, Atlanta Docufest.
Winner, Best Documentary Audience Choice, Red Rock Film Festival, near Zion National Park
Nominated, Best Documentary and Best Director–Documentary, Idyllwild Int’l Film Festival of Cinema.
Nominated, Best Documentary Film, Gold Panda Awards, Sichuan TV Festival, China.
Nominated, Special Jury Award, International Peace & Sport Organization, Monaco.
Certificate of Excellence, Rincon International Film Festival, Puerto Rico.
Showcase Selection, Lucerne International Film Festival, Lucerne, Switzerland.
Honorary Screening, Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago, VIP audience of entertainment professionals and film critics.
A Thumbs Up Styled “Review” from one of the toughest critics in the USA: RogerEbert.Com.
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