Robert has worked with me on several cases and contracts and I have to say he really has a way of removing all the burden from the legal process, and present it in a manner that is lucid and concise. He has always provided me with clear explanations, so that I may be able to fully consider my options, and his advice is consistently, spot on. In all my years working with various lawyers in the Entertainment field, he is not only the most knowledgeable I’ve come across, he also has some really good instincts, a rare quality and one that’s been instrumental to my various successes. Last but certainly not least, he cares. However many cases and clients he has to handle at any given time, he’s always been 100 percent focused and committed during our meetings. I’m a person who likes to connect with the people I work with, and Robert has a fantastic personality, and contagious energy which make him a treat to work with. I would recommend him in a heartbeat.