Robert Pafundi gave me some very practical advice on an issue of entertainment law with privacy aspects. His advice was very specific and practical. Apart from that, Robert is very friendly, responsive, and fun to work with. Look no further.

– Anonymous

Years ago, working as a legal secretary in a Los Angeles law firm, Robert Pafundi, then a young intern about to graduate from law school, joined our firm. It was obvious to everyone that he was going to be an outstanding attorney. We were right; Robert became a brilliant attorney and I had the pleasure of working with him for many years. Now, years later, retired and living in Oregon, my husband and I, while on a road trip, were in a terrible automobile accident. Without hesitation, we turned the matter over to Robert. Within a surprisingly short time he settled both our cases for substantial policy limits.
We all knew that the young man who walked into our law office so long ago was going to be an outstanding attorney, but he exceeded all our expectations. I rated him with the

– Arlene

Robert responded quickly when I contacted him. He listened and was very sympathetic to my situation. Robert was honest in his evaluation of the circumstances, and helped me to make an informed decision on the course of action. His approach and attention to detail helped me resolve my case effectively!

– Kurt

I consulted briefly with Mr. Pafundi, but he was extremely upfront and honest with me. He was also far more generous with his time and expertise than he needed to be. I am grateful.

– Anonymous